Our Approach

The Stop Hurting~Start Healing~Stay Healthy Approach

Many patients who come into our office are dealing with more than pain. They’re dealing with not knowing. Not knowing why they are hurting. Not knowing why they stay hurting. Not knowing how to make it better. Not knowing if this is how their life will be defined. Not knowing how to make sense of everything they are being told.

Get the idea? People coming into our office have concerns beyond just pain. They want answers. They need a guide.

We developed our Stop Hurting~Start Healing~Stay Healthy treatment model to be that guide. Separating treatment into easy-to-understand phases allows patients to not only make sense of their condition, but also to understand what treatment is appropriate according to their phase of care. Breaking care down into manageable portions simplifies the process so that patients can focus on what is important, when it is important. We will help you to understand why you are experiencing the pain, help you to reduce that pain, and walk you through a process to return to the quality of life you want.

The Stop Hurting phase focuses on reducing the frequency and intensity of the pain. By the end of this phase, most patients notice that the pain is still easy to aggravate, but improving.

In the Start Healing phase we focus on treatment which not only helps patients get out of pain but also helps the soft tissue in their spines to heal and return to normal motion. At the end of this phase, patients are out of pain and able to engage in their normal physical activities.

The last phase, Stay Healthy focuses on just that, staying healthy. We discuss tips and activities to help patients stay as active and pain free as possible.

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Hey, that makes sense and seems pretty simple.” Good. We want the process to be simple. If it’s simple, then it can be more easily understood and followed. Of course, don’t confuse simple with easy. There’s plenty of work that each of us will have to do if you are going to become healthy and active. The guide just makes the process of getting from where you are to where you want to be realistic and achievable. It helps you to know.