Chiropractic Treatment for Kids

"Do you treat kids?"

It's a question adult patients ask frequently. The answer is, “Yes. We do treat kids.”

The next question typically asked is, "Why? What problems do kids have?"

It might surprise you how many children and adolescents actually hurt. Headaches are very common in children, becoming more frequent through adolescence. Almost 20% of teenagers experience neck pain weekly, with 28% treating with pain killers. Low back pain in children and adolescents is becoming more, not less, common in recent years. Moreover, pain in adolescents will typically carry over into adulthood.

Growing up is not without risks. We think of aggravating activities in which children and teenagers are involved in such as sports, rough playing, or carrying heavy backpacks. However, the risk of pain can also come from inactivity. In other words, the problem frequently is that they don’t move enough. Prolonged sitting with the head down, as in school, studying, gaming or texting increases the likelihood of producing tightness and pain in the neck and back. Just as with adults, joint motion is very important. The lack of it can produce pain, even in the absence of recent injury.

In principle, restoring normal joint motion in adolescents is similar to adults. However, the application is different as adjustments are modified for smaller and more flexible frames.

Response to treatment varies. Typically adolescents respond more quickly than adults to treatment. However, they are also more likely to remain engaged in their condition-aggravating activities. Just as with adults, we’ll help them get better as quickly as possible!

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